Tips and Tricks To Use For Packing To Move

Moving is one of the top five most stressful life events.  Professionals in the industry had tested moving tips and tricks to make the daunting task run efficiently and effectively.  Here are several tips and tricks to follow when getting ready to move.

Try The Dresser Trick

This one is a great secret everyone should know.  You do not have to empty all of your items out of your dresser to move.  There are many items such as clothing and linens that are lightweight and will not add a lot of weight to the dresser.  In fact, it is a smart idea to pack clean sheets, towels and pajamas in each dresser, so you will know right where they are once you are moved into your new home, worn out from a long day of moving.

Properly Pack Books

Books can be very heavy, so be smart when you are preparing these items to move.  When packing books or super heavy items, pack them in smaller boxes that are easier to handle.  Separate your books out by size so you can fit them by shape and size snuggly in a box.

Group Similar Items Together

Similar shapes and weights pack and travel well together.  Linens and towels can fit around and cushion breakable items.  Lamp shades can fit into one another saving space and protection.

Protect Your Smaller Things

Items such as a tv remote can be easily lost during a move.  Whenever possible, tape smaller items to the larger items they go with.  If you cannot tape them to a larger item, then wrap them in some color tissue paper or put the item in a small sealed plastic bag so they can be easily found once you are unpacking.

The Sneaky Sheet Secret

Everyone has old sheets that they keep for a rainy day.  This is the perfect time to use them.  Fitted sheets can protect a mattress by putting one on the back and one on the front.  They can also be wrapped around chairs or any upholstered furniture to protect.

Use Original Boxes Whenever You Can

People who save boxes of items they have purchased are sometimes called pack rats but this is actually a smart idea.  When moving it is the perfect time to use these boxes.  You can put your computer or TV back into the protective stuffing and box it came in.  Not only is this a good idea but putting them in a second box will give extra protection.

Don’t Skimp on Packing Fillers

Soft stuffing is perfect to stuff in boxes to keep items protected and snug, providing a buffer between items as well.  Clothing items, towels, blankets or sheets can be the perfect item to do this with.  Other ideas include stuffed animals and pillows that are stuffed in garbage bags which makes awesome stuffing.

Label Everything

Make sure that all boxes are labeled and numbered.  This makes for a much easier moving and unpacking day.  Professionals in the industry also advise you to label what items are included in each box along with the destination room it will go in when it gets to your new home.  This makes life easier for many professional movers as they tag and inventory everything when moving for you.

The Right Way to Pack Dishes

Surprisingly those in the industry tell you not to pack your dishes by stacking them on top of each other but to stack them on edge with a cushion in between.  The cushion can be things around your home like dishtowers or paper towels or professional moving stuffing or filler.

Use Lots of Boxes

The more boxes the better because they are lighter and easier to carry.  Boxes are also uniform in shape and are easier to pack in a moving truck because they can be packed neatly together.  Items such as lamps, garden tools or golf clubs can actually fit in wardrobe boxes.  Remember to make sure that each box is filled to capacity or has plenty of padding so items will fit snug and not shift.

The “Exit” Box

This is  a box that needs to be reserved for items you will need at the last minute when you arrive at your new home.  Items to include are a flashlight., coffee maker, coffee, paper products, eating utensils, and tools to use for assembly.  Make sure to label it so it is first off the moving truck.
Following these packing and moving tips from the professional will make your moving experience less stressful and more enjoyable.  Remember when you decide it is time to move, contact a local Realtor who can help you through the process from start to finish.

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