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Buying a home is exciting and at times, overwhelming at the same time. It can be an investment or a lifelong dream. It can be a short-term commitment or your “forever family home.” Whichever type of home you buy, you need to have all of the facts and information at your fingertips in order to make your home decision as well as navigate through the complete home buying process from “Contract to Close!”

Going through that experience alone is doable but daunting. If you are considering buying a home – new, custom, or pre-owned, consider using an experienced Realtor to protect your interests. You can Find an Agent by doing Internet searches where you will want to look for good reviews and performance accomplishments. Click Here to Read More About Finding the Right Agent.

Another extremely important step in the home buying process is making sure that you are financially ready to purchase a home. Financing has tightened considerably since the Recession, but lenders have come up with helpful loan packages and tips that require less down payment money and solutions for first-time home buyers, such as FHA and Rural Development loans. Click Here to Read More About Financing.

In the Gulf South homeowners insurance is a necessary evil that will be a big factor in determining the amount of home you can afford because of the escrow amount that will need to be taken out each month to pay for it. Unfortunately, living this close to the Gulf of Mexico in Southeast Louisiana, brings with it the burden of high homeowners insurance premiums. You will want guidance in selecting the right insurer for you. Click Here to Learn More About Homeowners Insurance.

When you finally make your home selection and have your financing all lined up, you are going to want to make sure that you have a lender and title company or title attorney that will make your closing process a smooth and happy time. Getting the closing table without being surprised by last-minute requests and requirements is important. Click Here to Learn More About Closing on Your Home.

Whether you are buying a new home or resale home, you will want to consider the availability of a home warranty. For a new home, it will cover most of the important and “big ticket” items in your home and for resale homes, it can cover older systems that may be getting worn out. Click Here to Learn More About Home Warranties.

To Request a Meeting for Your Home Purchase, Contact Kelly Waltemath at 504-236-8587 or E-mail KellyWaltemath@gmail.com.

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