Questions To Ask a Real Estate Agent Before Selling Your Home

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Selling a home is one of life’s most stressful events. Using a real estate agent can help take some of the burdens off your shoulders. You will want to be on the same page so ask your agent these eight questions when you decide to sell your home.

1. What are my responsibilities?

It is always smart to know what is expected of you and what is expected of your real estate agent. A real estate will be able to tell you exactly what is expected of you and what they will handle during the process.

2. Who’s buying right now?

Knowing your target audience is the first piece of marketing. An agent will tell you in order to get the best price for your home you need to know who you are selling to. If you live in a big home with many bedrooms, then a family would be your target buyer. A real estate agent knows the current market and who is currently buying.

3. How can I improve my home and maximize its value?

In the past, it is always been said that if you update your kitchen and bathrooms you will get a good return on your investment. A good real estate agent will let you know that this is not always the case. A lot of factors depend on the current market. You will want to ask your real estate what will maximize your home’s value in the current market.

4. What’s your commission and how are you going to sell my house?

Different sales agents can have different commissions. Before you sell, ask your sales agent what will come out of your pocket once they sell your home. You do not want to choose the cheapest option. Remember that an agent that charges a higher fee might do more for you. Create a sales plan with your sales agent.

5. How much will it cost to sell?

It is a little more complex to sell a home than a piece of furniture for example. There are many steps that have to be taken in order to sell a home. It is a good idea to talk with your sales agent about exactly how much it will cost. A seller should budget for repairs, legalities and redecorating.

6. Is this the best time to sell?

If you can be flexible with your listing date, then talk to your sales agent about when the best time to sell your home would be. It is your sales agent’s job to know when to put your home on the market based on many different factors.

7. How should I price my home?

Your sales agent knows the market and is pretty spot on when it comes to a listing price. Pricing a home can mean the difference in a quick sale versus having your home sit on the market for months.

8. Who do I need on my selling team?

It takes a team to get through the process. From stagers and photographers to contractors and legal professionals, these people can make the selling process run smoothly and drive the value of your home up. Your sales agent can reach out to their contacts to put together a good team.

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