How A Realtor Can Help You Through The Entire Home Selling Process

The majority of homeowners use a real estate agent when they are ready to sell their home, in fact, 92% of homes sold last year in the U.S. were sold by an agent or a broker.  A real estate agent not only helps a homeowner through the process of the sale but also after the sale goes through.   It is a benefit to use an agent because they are there before the sale, during the sale and after the sale of your home. 
Before the sale of your home, an agent can help you with the listing price.  An agent can run a marketing analysis of your neighborhood to determine the best-selling price.  It is crucial that your home be priced reasonably and competitively.  Getting your home sold fast and for as much money as possible is the way to go and with an agent this can be possible.
Staging your home is also a must and an agent can help you stage your home correctly.  There are certain ways a home needs to be staged for prospective buyers and an agent knows it down pat.  An agent wants to stage a home where a potential buyer can visualize themselves living in the space.  Studies have shown that a well staged home sells faster and for more.  Your agent can get you in touch with a professional stager who knows what to do.
During the sale of your home an agent can show off their marketing skills.  An agent’s goal is to attract as many prospective buyers as possible.  They also have access to MLS (Multiple Listing Service) which will promote your home through the MLS.  An agent can promote your home not only on MLS and their own website, but also through personal connections, blogs, social media sites and through professional relationships they have made while working as an agent.
An agent can also help with your listing photos for marketing your home.  Bad pictures of a listing can really hurt the sale of the home.  An agent is experienced when it comes to your listing’s photos.  They have connections to photographers who specialize in real estate photos.
Agents also have avenues to help you find a qualified buyer.  Along with finding qualified buyers, an agent will also be able to help you sort through offers.
An agent will stick around even after the sale of your home.  An agent can help you negotiate terms with the buyer. If the home inspection report comes back with some areas that need fixed, an agent can help you figure out what is fair for both parties.  If your roof needs to be replaced, they can suggest an allowance to offer the buyer to help replace the roof.  This way it doesn’t drain your wallet.
Remember selling a home is time consuming, stressful and complicated.  Using a real estate agent can help alleviate much of this off of you.  If you are in the market for a new home or want to sell a home, find an agent who is familiar with your area.

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