Will Buying and Selling a Home Stay Virtual After the Pandemic

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Coronavirus has made virtual showings, purchases and sales of homes a must. FaceTime and Zoom are the new avenues for showing homes as well as 3-D modeling technology that allows potential homebuyers to digitally walk through a home.

This technology has been out there for several years, however, it has not been used as much until the pandemic shutdown. These technology tools such as virtual walkthroughs, 3-D mapping and drone surveys are now used more frequently.

“The video conference is now the norm. Technology caught up to where we live,” says Quentin Dane, CEO of real estate brokerage Dash Carolina.

Video Calling has changed the way real estate deals work during COVID-19. Realtors are using video calls to show houses as well as seeling the deal. Los Angeles-based realtor John Maseredjian uses teleconferencing software such as Zoom Video Communications and Verizon’s Bluejeans.

“Where we used to meet people in the conference room of the office, we can share screens, go over data and analytics, things that we used to go over in person,” says Maseredjian.

Agents are getting creative using FaceTime, Facebook Live and even TikTok for virtual showings. The virtual walkthrough is making the home search go faster for both buyers and sellers. Seeing 30 homes in person takes much longer than seeing 30 different homes virtually. Redfin has seen a rise in sellers using their 3-D scans to create a virtual walkthrough. The National Association of Realtors reported that 35% of realtors are relying on virtual tours.

Sellers are still wary of allowing potential buyers to walk through their homes. “There’s an awareness of the risk of people coming into my space,” says Kate Kaufmann, a writer in Portland, Oregon, who is selling her condominium.

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