Why Choose Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding is very popular among homeowners because it is durable, affordable and aesthetically pleasing. It can work for any style of home and comes in tons of colors and textures. Here are five reasons professionals suggest using vinyl siding.

1. Minimal Maintenance

The easier to maintain the better with the typical lifestyle hustle and bustle. Vinyl siding is easy to clean and upkeep. If you have siding such as cedar, you have to strip and repaint it every couple of years. The color will not fade as easily as painted siding because vinyl siding is solid color throughout. Vinyl will also not chip or rot like wood siding and can be rinsed with a garden hose for a nice clean new look.

2. Durability

As mentioned before vinyl siding will not fade and can withstand insects and harsh weather. Some vinyl siding is even built for hurricane resistance and will take wind loads up to 253 mph. Like wood siding that warps and rots due to moisture, vinyl upholds through heat, rain, wind and hail.

3. Energy Efficiency

Vinyl siding is also eco-friendly and a perfect building material for eco-friendly homes. It eliminates the use of wood and harmful products to the environment such as stain, paint or maintenance related products. Vinyl also helps with insulating your home which will cut the cost of utility bills.

4. Beauty and Sophistication

Once thought of as a cheap product, today’s vinyl siding is beautifully crafted with crisp attention to detail. It gives your home a beautiful curb appeal which also increases the value of your home. Your home will have the look of natural siding without the upkeep and maintenance that wood requires.

5. Versatility and Adaptability

This product is very versatile because it will work on every style of home from traditional to modern and everything in between. Homeowner’s will have a vast array of colors, styles, plank sizes and trim to choose from. A homeowner can personalize their home’s look with vinyl siding.

There are tons of benefits to using vinyl siding on the exterior of your home. If you are building a new home or looking to upgrade your siding, vinyl is the perfect touch. Remember that it can go on any style and comes in several different options.

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