Tips From Home Stagers To Do Before Selling Your Home

Home staging is a big deal when it comes to selling your home. Professional home stagers know what to do to highlight your home’s best features. Even with the hot seller’s market, you will want to follow these home staging tips in order to get the most money for your home. Debbie Boggs who co-owns Staging Studio, a company that certifies professionals as Staging Design Professionals and stages in Central Texas, shares the following tips for home sellers.

Update Decor or Clear Out Clutter?

According to Debbie, it depends on the home. As mentioned before, a big part of staging is highlighting a home’s best features. If clutter blocks the view of a great feature then you would focus on decluttering. If you have a confusing floorplan, then updating furniture placement or decor would be best. What will best highlight your home’s features? Many options would include cleaning and repairs, decluttering, paint selections, curb appeal, landscaping, even the wording of the listing description, and then, bring in furniture, art, and accessories.

Top Five Staging Tips

If you had to choose the following five tips would be on your to-do list. 1. Let the natural light in. Open drapes and blinds, clean all windows and make sure all bulbs work in order to turn on every light. 2. Make sure to focus on your front entry. A big to do would be to freshen up the paint on your front door or change the color (black is recommended the most). Add pots of flowers or a nice new welcome mat. 3. Add plants to each room bringing life and interest into each space. Debbie suggests white flowers in each room to add softness and texture. 4. Remove personal photos and declutter. A buyer wants to be able to envision themselves in the space. 5. White bedding, towels and shower curtains brighten a space up.

Don’t Overlook the Entryway

Staging the foyer or entryway in your home will welcome the buyer. This first impression of the interior will set the precedence of the home buyer’s impression. Debbie suggests hanging a mirror in the entry hall so that a buyer sees themself when coming into the home.

Best Window Treatments For Staging

Keep it simple. Use solid, light-colore nuetral panels. When hanging, use a drapery rod that extends a foot past the window. This allows you to fully open the drapes and let in the maximum about of natural light. Give the allusion of larger windows with panels that hang almost to the floor. Never use vertical blinds or mini-blinds because these appear dated. If you do use blinds make sure to fully open them during showings.

Following these tips can help enhance your home’s best features and make it stand out to buyers. Remember using a professional sales agent will help you get the best bang for your buck.

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