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When selling a home, there are many factors that are within and outside your control. Luckily there are several tips and tools to use to speed up the sale of your home. Below are tips to help speed up the process and things to avoid which might detour a quick sale.

Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Your Home

There are common mistakes you can make that will slow down the home selling process. A big mistake that homeowners often make is pricing your home too high. If you price your home out of the market for your area, it will take longer to sell. Potential buyers usually avoid homes that have been on the market for a long time. October, before the holidays and December, during the holidays, is not the time to list a home. Buyers are focusing on the holidays and not purchasing a home during this time. Listing your home during a buyer’s market is not in your best interest. When buyers have the upper hand, they have more options and can demand more from a seller. Buyers do not want to come in a messy home or a home with all of your personal photos or touches staring them right in the face. A buyer wants to be able to envision themselves in the space and cannot do this with reminders that you live here all around.

Selling to an off-market buyer might look enticing but watch out for hidden fees. Of course, if you sold your home without a real estate agent you might save 6% on your home’s sale price but you might lose out in the end. Investors usually want to make the most profit out of your home, meaning it could be a quick sale but at a lower price. iBuyers might offer you a higher offer but with the hidden fees that the iBuyer site charges you might pocket less than what you originally thought.

Unfortunately, there are factors outside of a seller’s control that might hinder the sale of your home. Your home might have once been in a prime location, but the area has changed throughout the years and is less desirable. An economic downturn can also impact real estate and hinder the housing market.

Tips To Sell Quickly

Price your home right. In fact, if you price just below market value, you will generate multiple offers from multiple buyers. This will drive the price of your home up and you will get more than your asking price.

Also, you will want to list during the right season. A local agent in your area can help you with which months sell faster in your community. According to ATTOM Data Solutions, homes sold during these months sell for 7.4% and 9.2% above estimated market value, respectively. Out of the 20 hottest selling days of the year, 19 occurred during May or June.

Your home needs to be stagged and decluttered. Any repairs need to be made to make your home move-in ready. A Realtor can help you and advise you on how to clean, declutter, stage, and decorate your home for a quick sale.

These tips and mistakes can help you with the selling process, but the most effective way to sell your home is through a local realtor. A Realtor can sell your home quickly for the best price in your area’s housing market.

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