Should a New Home Get a Home Inspection?

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When purchasing an existing home, it is important to include a home inspection. Any home buyer will want to know the shape the home is in before committing to purchasing the home. What if a home buyer is purchasing a new construction home, is a home inspection needed? Industry leaders say yes and here are the reasons why.

New homes can have problems, too

Does new mean perfect, absolutely not! A new home may look flawless but that is because nothing has been used and the home has not been lived in to experience any issues. With any new product, it can be riddled with flaws. These flaws do not show up until the product has been used by consumers. This can also apply to a new home the basement might leak but you will not know until someone has experienced a storm in the new home.

New homes aren’t always built to code

This is a sad but true statement. A county building inspector’s job is to make sure everything is to code and built correctly but this always doesn’t happen. They are to make sure that a home meets the minimum building code. There might be flaws that are overlooked because they are not part of these minimum requirements.

Reuben Saltzman, president of Structure Tech Home Inspections in Minneapolis, MN, says he has found many defects with every trade in new construction. In one home he found an attic without insulation.

“The code inspectors missed it,” Saltzman says. “It paid off for this buyer to have a home inspection performed.”

Why new homes should ideally get two inspections

Why do this, because the inspector can do a better job for you if he can see what is behind the walls. Hire an inspector to inspect your new construction home before the walls are closed. This way an inspector can inspect the framing and systems installations. Then once the home is complete, an inspector should do the final inspection.

Getting a home inspection before the walkthrough with your builder is a good idea. They can point out issues that should be added to your final punch list. Meet the inspector at your home and while they are inspecting, they can teach you how to operate and maintain your home.

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