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According to the Federal Reserve, as a result of spike after spike in the rates, they are starting to stabilize. Real estate investors like this because they are able to predict investment returns in a stabilized market. This can also be a downfall when it comes to homebuyers due to the high mortgage rates. It is harder to sell and buy a home in this market.

Homeowners are not wanting to sell in this current market because they will have to give up their record-low mortgage rates. Due to this, there is a short supply of existing homes for sale. If you want to sell now, think about offering seller financing. By doing this you are not only selling your home, but you are also stimulating the housing market.

Seller financing means that the seller will finance the buyer’s purchase of the seller’s home. So the buyer will not have to obtain a mortgage, they can make payments directly to the seller. A promissory note is how the transaction is made official. This will define the terms of the agreement such as the amount owed, loan period and interest rate. There are forms of selling financing to choose from which include land contracts, purchase money mortgages, lease options, lease purchases, equity sharing, wrap mortgages and assumable mortgages.

It sounds a little intimidating, but there are several benefits to seller financing. For one, you cut out the middlemen as you are not having to go through the traditional mortgage process. This not only cuts down on time and people but also cuts down on the final costs. This option will attract more buyers because there might be a buyer who cannot get traditional lending. Seller financing offers buyers another payment option which means it should sell faster for more money. As the seller, you can also generate passive income and can save on capital gains taxes. You can also have an easy way out if you want to get rid of the home altogether by selling your promissory note to another investor.

There are also plusses for the buyers too. A buyer can qualify for financing a lot easier. Sellers do not have the same constraints as a typical mortgage lender. A buyer can also have more flexible loan terms, which means you can get your feet wet in real estate before jumping into the water so to speak. As mentioned before, you are cutting out the middlemen, so the closing cost will be much lower. This will also help with speeding up the closing process due to fewer parties being involved.

If you want to sell and want to use seller financing as an option, you still might want to speak to a professional in the industry. These include tax, legal and financial professionals to make sure your promissory note covers everything. Another security blanket is to hire a loan-servicing company that can help you select a good buyer.

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