Four Tips To Follow To Increase Your Home’s Value

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This year began with a seller’s market due to record low interest rates and buyers’ strong demand. Housing prices are on the rise but that doesn’t mean a seller doesn’t need to keep their home in tip-top shape. A move-in ready home will get a seller a higher offer than a home that is not staged. Both the interior and the exterior must be in good condition. The National Associations of Realtors says that 99% of their members believe that curb appeal is one of the biggest attractions to a homebuyer. If you are ready to put your home on the market, follow these for tips to make sure you get the highest price.

1. Install a New Roof

A home buyer will not want to make a big purchase on buying a home to then turn around and replace a roof. According to the Realtors Remodeling Impact Report, a new roof is one of the highest appeals on the exterior of a home.

A distressed roof can actually detour a buyer and hurt your home sale. A bad roof will also not pass on a home inspector’s report but will have to be corrected before the sale of the home.

2. Update Landscaping

Landscaping is a big part of your home’s curb appeal. A maintained lawn and garden can help a homebuyer get a premium price for their house.  Trees, bushes, and flowering plants in your front and/or backyard also add major appeal. Find plants that are native to your area and will thrive in your local climate with this free plant finder tool from the National Wildlife Federation.

3. Install a New Garage Door

Even though this is a big purchase, a new garage door will definitely increase your home value. The 2020 Cost Vs. Value Report showed that upgraded garage doors provide 132.7% return on investment in the East South Central states. The cost to install a garage door is around $3,874 and the resale value would be around $4,537.

4. Repave the Driveway

A cracked or crumbling driveway is not a good sign for a potential homebuyer. A nice driveway is also a part of a home’s curb appeal. A bad driveway can also mean that a seller has not kept up other repairs on their homes.

Remember these tips if you are ready to sell your home. A Realtor can help you sell your home for the top dollar and get it sold in a timely manner.

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