December Is a Great Time To Purchase a Home

Most people believe that the best time to purchase a home is during the springtime but purchasing a home during the winter holidays has its benefits. Here are some reasons that make December a great month to buy a home.

Less Competition

Winter months can be a slower time for both selling and purchasing a home. Most home buyers take this into consideration and plan their search for the start of spring. Even though this means that there is less inventory, there are also less buyers in the market during the holiday season. So if you plan to purchase a home during the winter months, you will not have as much competition.

Serious Sellers

Sellers don’t want to take on selling their home during the holiday season. Oftentimes, sellers have to sell no matter what time of year it is. When a seller sells during Thanksgiving and Christmas, it means they want to sell fast which is a benefit for you.

Holiday Spirit Makes Negotiations Less Tense

When it comes to the financial aspect of purchasing a home, it can be a bit of a tense time between a seller and a buyer. If you do this during the holidays, it can be less tense because of the joyful season. In fact, some of the holiday spirit hopefully will seep into negotiations.

More Time to Consider the House

When the holidays hit and there is less competition, this is a great time to be able to take your time to purchase.You will also have more time to make sure and go over your list of criteria with what the home has to offer.

More Negotiating Leverage

It is easier to negotiate with a seller when there are not as many bidding wars and buyers in the market. Less activity means you can negotiate. You can negotiate not only for a lower purchase price, but other things like the closing date, contingencies and inspection reports.

Faster Closing Process

If there are fewer negotiations and the seller wants to sell ASAP, the closing process will more than likely move faster. Closing towards the end of the year can also come with tax deductions.

Early Move – In Date

During the busy moving season, it is hard to get a mover due to their schedule being booked months in advance. The winter is a slower time for movers, so they will have more availability and flexibility to move you.

Realtors understand that the home buying process can take place at any season during the year. If you are in the market for a home during the holiday season, contact your local realtor who can help you with the home buying process.

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