Bedrooom Updates That Will Help Sell Your Home

Stay-At-Home orders changed the way we view our home. Last year homeowners used their homes for live, work and play due to COVID-19 stay-at-home orders. Master suites are now not only used for sleeping but also double as a homeowner’s retreat.

“Pre-pandemic, nobody really cared about the bedroom. Now, people need somewhere to get away,” says Brad Whittaker, an agent with Realty ONE Group Pacifica in Longview, WA. “Bedrooms are really becoming a place of solace for Mom and Dad because when kids are stuck at home, and they’re working from home, they need a place to escape.”

Below is a list of vital updates you need to do your home’s bedrooms and master suite before you list your home to sell.

1. Update the lighting

Lighting makes a room look more inviting and overall a lighter and brighter space. An easy fix is to change all the bulbs and light fixtures. If you have it in the budget, change to smart lighting.

“Change the lightbulbs in the bedrooms to LED lights,” says Tony Rodriguez-Tellaheche, owner and managing broker of Prestige Realty Group in Miami. “The crisp, white light of LEDs helps the room feel brighter, and the bulbs are more energy-efficient than the standard ones. Bright white light can even help make the room feel bigger than before.”

Natural lighting is an easy fix. Adding a window or a transom window will let tons of natural light into a room.

“If you have 12-foot ceilings, installing a transom window over the door is a nice way to let some light in,” Whittaker says.

2. Clean out your closets

A buyer is always looking at closet space. A great way to add value to your home is to invest in a closet system or organizer. According to Kris Lindahl, CEO and founder of Kris Lindahl Real Estate, a closet system will instantly add value to your home.

“It can create an experience in a closet, instead of that area being a forgotten space behind a closed door,” Lindahl says.

Another great simple step is to declutter your closets. Doing this will make a closet appear bigger.

3. Stage bedrooms to sell

Updated furniture is a must when it comes time to sell your home. A new bedroom set will perk up a worn-out-looking bedroom.

“Dated furniture can make the entire space look old,” Lindahl says. “A great headboard and dresser can change the aesthetics of an entire room.”

This can be an expensive update, if you do not have it in the budget, create a focal point behind the headboard. Lindahl says this can be done by simply using paint, wallpaper or board and batten. Also, update your bedding to something that is photogenic.

“The bed is the focal point in every bedroom,” Lindahl says. “Coordinating bedding and pillows can make a huge difference in the first impression.”

Make the space neutral without personal touches when trying to sell your home. Buyers want to be able to envision themselves in the space. Replace photos with artwork that does not distract from the room.

4. Tone down loud paint colors

Bold colors in a bedroom will not appeal to everyone’s taste. You may love your sunflower yellow but the buyer might hate it.

“Make sure to neutralize the paint before selling,” particularly in kids’ rooms, Lindahl says. “Many parents let kids pick out the paint color for their room, and it ends up being something like bubble gum pink, jungle green, or sunshine yellow. That is really fun for kids, but horrible if you’re selling. Paint over it.”

5. Create a functional WFH space

Today’s buyer is looking for functional space more than ever with just getting out of stay-at-home orders due to COVID-19. A home office has become a must-have on the list.

“The need for multiple home offices has become increasingly popular,” Whittaker says. “If you’re tied to your computer and you have to get on Zoom, two people working out of one room is not ideal.”

A good idea for spare bedrooms or unused spaces is to take the space and make it into a home office. Another way to use this space is to create a small home gym. You want to have a space that is versatile where buyers can picture using the space for work or school.

6. Spruce up the en suite bathroom

Buyers always look at the bathrooms and the kitchen. A master bathroom is a major selling point in a home. Always make sure your bathroom is clean and neutral. Nowadays buyers are interested in a simple soaking tub rather than jacuzzi tubs. Make sure your shower is spotless and the glass is clear and clean.

Before taking the plunge and listing your home, talk to a Realtor and get ideas on what you should and shouldn’t do to get your home ready to sell. Remember that your bedroom is one of the biggest assets in your home.

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