2021 Top Design Trends For The Home

The 2020 Best in American Living™ Awards (BALA) were held virtually the last week of February. Among the awards, top design trends that will be seen in homes over the next several years were introduced. Here are the top nine trends you will see in 2021.

Updates to overall styles.

Modern design with traditional elements mixed in is the must for 2021. The National Association of Home Builders reveals that Contemporary and transitional designs still “wow” buyers.  The two design concepts are more polished than they have been in the past. Today’s traditional design is more laid back and not as rigid.

Mindfulness in architecture and design.

Today’s home builders are focusing on exhibiting new layers and depth to the design of homes and communities. Designers and builders are really taking their time to design the big and small details. Existing landscapes are embraced and cultivated into the design of new homes and communities.

Emphasis on streetscapes.

Communities are now wanting beautiful streetscapes. There is a big emphasis on how planners, architects and designers build and design public spaces. Communities are featuring new homes that have front-yard spaces to welcome neighbors. Pedestrian traffic is planned for over cars in the new streetscape designs.

More sophisticated indoor/outdoor connections.

The National Association of Homebuilders describes this perfectly blending modern design with a natural setting. Today’s designers, builders and architects are finding ways to add visual and physical connection to nature. A big way we see this trend currently is through the big windows being installed in homes. Windows are now more than ever strategically placed to capitalize on the views of nature.

Programmed and multifunctional outdoor living.

Now more than ever with the pandemic and the stay-at-home orders, outdoor spaces at your home are important. Today’s new homes are included more than one outdoor space. Balconies are becoming popular and larger in size. These spaces offer beautiful outdoor spaces that are livable and furnished.

Sanctuary spaces.

The more time the world has been spending at home, the more important these spaces have become. Homeowners want a space where they can go and decompress. Some designs incorporate “unplug zones” and spa-like details. Outdoor spaces are great for unwinding and connecting. Examples are patios, outdoor kitchens, and sunken fire pits.


Home offices and flex spaces.

A must-have for homes now are home offices. Many homes offer more than one flex space. Online schooling and working from home are demanding their own space. Homebuilders are taking forgotten corners or tucked away areas and making flex areas.

Second (messy) pantries and kitchens.

An extravagant trend is to have two kitchens. The first kitchen is the primary kitchen that is for entertaining and the secondary kitchen for prep. If this is not an option, a back alcove or spacious pantry can offer workspace for prep.

Updates to materiality.

Today the popular trend is to use varied colors, materials and textures in the interior. A room will be primarily white or gray and is paired with pops of color. Warm tones and natural tones are also being used.

The award ceremony included over 160 single-family, multifamily, interior design, remodeling and community projects. These trends and design will be seen throughout homes and communities across the country for the next several years to come.

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