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Builder & Buyer Sales Agent

The benefit of using my expertise as your new home sales agent is that I have assisted in over 30 sales with both builders and new home buyers, so I have been able to hear and understand the specific requests and concerns that go along with new home sales. Even though I am the daughter of a developer of new home communities, I don’t think I really was able to appreciate the experience of the new home buyer until I worked with individuals buying their first new home.

There are a whole list of items that are brought up by new home buyers, which are not necessarily discussed when working with a buyer of a resale home. Factors such as time frames, quality, warranties, building materials, lot sizes, floorplan layouts and changes, selections of colors, cabinets, flooring, etc., and so much more come into play when you are working with a new home buyer. If a buyer is on the fence about purchasing a new home for sale, it is best as a new home sales agent that I am able to anticipate their concerns and answer their unspoken questions in order to move them along in the sales process or decision making process at a faster pace. This also helps keep the workflow going on the builder side as well.

I also have a lot of experience working with builders which makes me appreciate their unanticipated problems which go along with building a new home. These have included subcontractor difficulties, the WEATHER, appraisals and financing, and punchlist items being taken care of before closing. With me as a new home sales agent, however, you get something that you may not anticipate – a true love for selling new homes. I enjoy specializing and working with new home sales because there is something refreshingly wonderful about seeing a new home materialize out of a dirt lot and being a part of the process at each step – watching the work getting done.

To Request a Sales & Marketing Consultation for Your New Home for Sale or New Home to Be Built, Contact Kelly Waltemath at 504-236-8587 or E-mail KellyWaltemath@gmail.com.

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